Smudge Sage Sticks


These beauties feel so special and so powerful. Smudge sage stick are used to eliminates negative energy and helps clear out your mind to give you fresh mental space. Plus, the colorful dried flowers in these bundles are like an extra offering to the divine, a beautiful gift for the Universe.

Psst !! They would make a beautifully unique gift for a spiritual friend.

To use: light your smudge stick and move about your space in a manner of intention with slow wafting movement. You can recite a mantra or prayer if you’d like. Be sure to get the smoke in the corners. When you are finished, you can put the sage out in a shell or other flame-proof surface, or leave it burning.

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:: F i n i s h ::
1. Palo Santo – incense wood stick
2. Stone may vary

:: M a t e r i a l ::
White sage, dried flowers, gold butcher rope, palo santo, stone (Seasonal dried flowers and stones may vary)

:: D i m e n s i o n s ::
Length: 5″
Width: 2″


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